Friday, 12 September 2014

biccc2014 polaroid snaps

Three weeks ago I had a pleasure to co-organise (and participate!) British and Irish Cycle Courier Championships 2014 in London. Was great to see people I met earlier this year during ECMC (European Cycle Messenger Championships) as well as more local messfam from London and the UK. There were exciting alleycats, rollers and other competitions with even more exciting prizes, wild parties and even wilder after-parties.

Here is my Polaroid record of the event.

Paavo’s famous smile

what happened to that dress, Clarence ;?

la petite Cecile

Trash Bag Sam Messenger at Velodrome or Velodrome Trash Messenger in Sam's Bag?

An Excalibur pledge

Gertie doing what Gertie does afta work 

 And I Knight You, Sir BBQ Boris Mike

lovely Kota & Rie

my personal tattooist getting silly during hectic tattoo session


Selimski getting in front of the lens this time, instead of behind 

ladies doing off-bike workout 

                                                                                   YES for Scotland

                                               no Rob, that's not how you open a bottle OR get tipsy

pulling Kermit face ... and surprised face below