Tuesday, 24 July 2012

*special* numero uno

every film I develop has this *special* numero uno photograph in it. And that's my definite no. 1 from film "Japan - Milan 2012".

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Jeżdżę na rowerze, piszę o rowerze i po prostu tonę w około rowerowej tematyce: mieszkam z mechanikiem rowerowym, z kurierami i chodzę w koszulce KingKoga. Ale [przecinek] k*rwa nudy.

tam, gdzie czasem zrzucam paczkę: numerki, całkiem sporo numerków

brockwell lido park (dowód, że do UKowa w końcu zawitało słońce)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

few reasons why messenging is such a cool job

1. let's put it straight: worst/best job ever...

(discussion from MovingTargetZine.com that is "the worlds most useless messenger zine")

2. you never know who you gonna meet on your way. here, old folk enjoying sun at soho sq. as soho sq is usually overcrowded at any time od the day, bringing own chair is more than bright idea

3. have a pickup in SE5 then drop off in W2 without any minor job on the way, then you get cut off by a nasty driver and all these attractions is entertained by lovely british shower rain

4. hanging out with guys from my company at "the corner". always fun. always.

5. getting smiley smiles on your elbows or knees, accompanied by rainbow-ful bruises ;)

6. drinking shitloads of coffee. ahem, good coffee. having here and there special deals with baristas. sweet...

7. and of course, packages: different shapes, over-standard sizes, sometimes heavy stuff... trust me, u will never get bored of that!

in the meantime.... in the meantime i managed to make my first (rad!!!) tattoo for my friend, Michele. let's say it's a knocked-off speedy messenger's bike with slight puncture in front wheel...

p.s. oh, and finally got an anchor on my arm. and a band-aid.

YourChainedBikeWillBeRemoved 6

vol. 25 Park St

vol. 26 Covent Garden

vol. 27 Passage between Long Acre and Covent Garden

vol. 28 Carnaby St

vol. 29 Ambrosden Ave

vol. 30 Connaught Sq

vol. 31 Soho Sq

vol. 32 Bateman St

vol. 33 Arne St

vol. 34 Huntley St

vol. 35 St John Sq

vol. 36 Queen Anne Street

vol. 37 and 38 (???) Bedford Ave

vol. 39 and 40 Whitfield St

(this notice was found on railing at one of courier companies)

vol. 41 Streatham St

vol. 42 Great Castle St (???)

vol. 43 & 44 & 45 are streets in W1

vol. 46 Store St

vol. 47 & 48 Cavendish Sq

vol. 49 & 50 Frith St

vol. 51 & 52 & 53 Hanson St

vol. 54 I believe it's somewhere in SW1

vol. 55 Dartmouth St

vol. 56 & 57 most probably W1